How you ever needed to get a new auto repair technician and were unable to make a straightforward choice? Maybe you moved to a new place, your previous dealer closed down or you've had a bad experience? Have ever suspected the mechanic you want to take your car is untrustworthy? That it could overcharge or underperform? If you want to get services that can be trusted, it's important to know what to consider, the signs that differentiate a good shop from a bad one, Here's your guide to finding a great mechanic in Tempe.

Do a little research about how long they've been in business, and whether people have loved their services over time. It's good to choose a vehicle repair facility with a proven track record.

Check Their Better Business Bureau Rating
Among the businesses that report the highest number of complaints on the BBB's list are car repair shops. Visiting the site will give you an insight to customer satisfaction levels of different businesses and help you make an informed decision.

Research Warranties
Check whether they offer some form of warranties on their work. Different shops offer varying types of warranties. Ask about what they offer and compare with other shops in order to get the best deal. A common job such as brakes can work as a good example for comparison purposes.

Online Reviews
Check numerous reviews of each business under consideration. Don't rely on just one as it can be misleading. Be careful enough to note there could be reviews written to mislead and create a false image of good performance. Look for reviews offering lots of in depth details and user experiences.

Also check whether the owner of the business responds to both negative and positive reviews. Most owners respond to reviews by giving an explanation or an apology for a bad experience and a thank you message for a good review. An owner who take takes time to respond to customer reviews is a good sign they care about their customers.

Check The AAA Rating
The American Automobile Association is a federation of automobile clubs affiliated to each other. It's an independent and nonprofit organization that has its own board of directors. @ only affiliates itself with, and provides good ratings to, businesses offering services that reach a certain standard of quality. If the shop has a good @ rating compared to another, it could a better choice.

Are Mechanics ASE Certified?
ASE is an organization seeking to promote excellence and provides tests and certifications to qualified mechanics. Most of the good shops should have top-level mechanics, those who have undergone the tests and have been certified.

Discounts Offered
Price is always a matter of importance. Sometimes cheap services are of poor quality but when the cost savings come in the form of discounts, it implies they're just rewarding customers for buying from them. It also shows they are big enough and able to provide discounts to clients. Take the better discounts when you can, as long as they don’t affect quality. Check websites and local newspapers for discount coupons.

Put the above advice into practice and in no time you'll have a very short list of auto shops you plan to use the next time you need service or maintenance.